Best Affiliate Marketing Tools (2020)

? Web Hosting ?

Best Affiliate Web Hosting (Beginner)

Price: Start at $3.95/mo
Best Deal: Get $3.95 + FREE Domain & FREE SSL

If you're just starting out, or if the website you're building isn't profitable yet, then you don't need super powered hosting.

You can start out with a "shared" hosting plan from Bluehost and pay as little as $3.95/month.

Click Here To Get Shared Hosting For Just $3.95/mo

BONUS: If you sign up through my affiliate link above, you also get:

-  FREE domain name (for a whole year) AND a Free SSL Certificate
- FREE SSL Certificate
- 1 Click WordPress Installation (Free)
- 24/7 Support

Best Affiliate Web Hosting (Advanced)

liquid web logo

Price: Start at $51/mo
Best Deal: See Best Deal Here

If your business is more advanced and PROFITABLE, you will want to upgrade your hosting.

In my experience, Liquid Web hosting has been the BEST host for support, performance, and flexability. I literally saved $200/month and got BETTER performance from my main blogs by switching to liquid. 

They have helped and talked with me on the phone for hours and are very helpful. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Click Here To Get Liquid Web Professional Hosting (Starting at $51/mo)

? Email Marketing ?

Best Affiliate Email Software

convert kit affiliate program login

Price: ​Start for free (up to 100 subscribers)
Best Deal: Start For Free Here

Convertkit has been my go to email autoresponder for the past few years. 

Being in online marketing for nearly 10 years, I've used every email solution out there. And while each of them has their own pros and cons, Convertkit is the best for affiliate marketers, in my opinion. 


One word: Simplicity.

If you're looking for super technical, super complex features then you might want to look for a solution like Active Campaign or Getresponse

But if you just want to write simple, effective emails and set up an autoresponder with exactly the features you need in about 5 minutes...

Convertkit is the best solution out there. It has exactly the features you need as an affiliate marketer, blogger or influencer...and nothing more. 

Click Here To Try Converkit for FREE

Best Affiliate Email Marketing Books

by Russel Brunson

lead funnels logo

Learn how to ​get more leads and earn more money with email marketing from one of the world's best experts.

Price: $7 (plus $513 in bonuses from me)
Best Deal: Get Book + Bonuses Here

Learn how to build and profit from your email list

If you want to get a step by step guide to creating KILLER optin forms and lead gen pages, then this quick book is for you. 

Not only does Russel Brunson drop his best evergreen strategies for generating leads in dozens of niches...

But also, the e-book includes over 106 proven optin templates

You can see each case study and get a detailed breakdown of what makes it work. 

In my opinion, it's well worth the few bucks. 

lead funnels book russel brunson

? Click Tracking & Split Testing ?

Best Affiliate Click Tracking Tools

clickmagick logo

​My favorite solution for tracking links, rotating links, and split testing for both organic and PPC traffic.

Price: Start at $27/mo
Best Deal: Get 14 Day Free Trial Here

Track, Test and Optimize Your Links To Boost Profit

As affiliate marketers, we live and die by the numbers.
If you don't know your numbers, you are losing money by the minute. 

Clickmagick is my favorite tool for tracking everything when it comes to links - whether you're doing affiliate marketing with PPC, SEO, or Social media traffic, you need to track your clicks and always be split testing to boost profits. 

They have hundreds of advanced features, but here's my favorite part:

They take all this super advanced tracking technology...and make it very simple and easy to set up. 

They have the best tutorial videos I've ever seen for a complex software like this, and one of the fastest, friendliest and most responsive support teams I've ever seen.


  • Easily Track Entire Sales Funnels
  • Intelligent Split Testing & Rotators
  • Geotargeting/Mobile Optimization
  • Add Retargeting To Any Link
  • Click-Fraud & Traffic Analysis
  • 99.9999% Uptime Since Feb 2014
  • Chat, Help Desk & Phone Support

Best Affiliate Video Creation Software

vidnami logo

An amazing solution for creating fast, easy videos in about 3-5 minutes, including top notch automated voice transcription.

Price: Normally $47/mo
Best Deal: Get 25% Off Lifetime Discount Here (Just $35/mo)

Create Beautiful Automated Videos in about 5 Mins.

I'm a big fan of Vidnami (which has been known as Content Samurai for the past couple years. 

You can create videos really, really fast, and stupidly easy. 

That means you can create lots of videos, without having to manually create each one. 

It uses an intelligent automatic system for creating videos, including a voice transcription so you can easily create videos without ever being on camera.

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