Clickfunnels Competitors

Clickfunnels Competitors

ClickFunnels allows you to create dynamic sales funnels that help you promote, sell, and deliver your online products via various web pages. It simplifies the promotion and delivery online products by providing different funnel options for each industry, product, or service. The system consists of a sales funnel, a sales page, a product funnel, and a sales page retargeting. The sales funnel and the sales page are what capture your prospect’s attention, and the sales funnel and retargeting are what pull them back to your website. This article will discuss how ClickFunnels helps you maximize the potential for your website.


ClickFunnels is a conversion rate optimizer that allows you to convert prospects into customers through highly interactive marketing campaigns and landing pages. You can also track which landing pages and marketing campaigns are performing well for you. The sales funnel is designed to help you convert prospects into buyers and then into repeat customers. This is a great way for you to make sure that you’re making the most of every opportunity to grow your customer base and reach a wider audience.


Sales funnel builder is a dynamic tool that helps you market and sell online products using different funnel options tailored to your business type. ClickFunnels makes it easy to market products online and also creates interactive websites using clickable links, audio, and video. This allows you to get more from your website and convert more people into paying clients.


This tool is a drag-and-drop web page builder. It has two main features that will allow you to quickly and easily create professional-looking web pages with just a click. First, there is the “Add to Cart” button. This allows you to add any additional products that you wish to sell. You can also click the “Remove From Cart” button to remove items that you do not want to sell. The web page builder is very simple to use. All you have to do is log in, select the items that you wish to sell, then drag and drop them into the appropriate place.


ClickFunnels allows you to choose from a variety of templates that are tailored for your business. This will allow you to pick the look that suits you best and set up your account with the easiest interface. The interface is easy to use once you log in. It is broken down into sections for each product type. For example, you have the “Shop”, “Digital Products”, “Books & Supplies”, “Cards & Coupons”, “Fantastico”, “Inquirer” and many other sections to choose from. These sections will make setting-up and using your ClickFunnels store easy.


The best part of using ClickFunnels is that they provide you with a great tracking tool. This tool is so easy to use, there are no web pages required for traffic generation. You can import leads from social media and export them to your website to analyze. ClickFunnels allows you to import email addresses from any source, as well as search results from people searching for digital products via Google or Yahoo. With this tracking tool, you get more out of your online business than you bargained for.


In addition to this, using this system gets your marketing campaign underway. An instant sales page will be created and will be available to everyone. This will allow you to promote new products and build your leads. You can also send emails to potential buyers about any product you are promoting. All of these features will enable you to grow your business.


ClickFunnels’ greatest feature is its ability to give customers one-click access directly to their sales page with all the information they need. This is a powerful tool for growing your business. If you are interested in expanding your business and increasing your profits, consider making the switch to this powerful online marketing tool. No more starting an entire campaign blind and hoping for the best. This platform integrates order form development, sales page creation, and lead capture.

Clickfunnels Competitors – The Ultimate Guide (2020)

If you've been in the online business and marketing space for the past few years, you've probably heard about Clickfunnels

It's kind of taken the marketing and online business world by storm.

Why? Because it essentially lets you run your entire business from one place.

It is an ambitious software - it helps you build web pages, build landing pages, do your email marketing, build sales funnels, run webinars, host your website, and many many more features. (Watch The Video Below To Learn More)

However, it's not the only solution out there for these functions. In this article I will make a list of some of the other alternatives to Clickfunnels. Enjoy!

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, and if you click on them and make any purchases thereafter, I will likely receive compensation. Thanks for the support!

leadpages vs clickfunnels

Leadpages has been an industry standard for many years. They practically invented the concept of drag-and-drop website and landing page building. 

I remember being around when Leadpages first came out - and it blew all marketers away by taking something that used to be very complicated - building websites - and making it ridiculously simple and elegant. 

Now, however, in my opinion Clickfunnels stole the torch. However, many people still love Leadpages for its simplicity and ease of use.

It focuses on one thing - making beautiful landing pages very quickly - and it delivers very well on this.


  • Build Fast, Beautiful Landing Pages From Professionally Designed Templates
  • Specialized Focus on Landing Pages
  • Hosted Solution


  • Not As Good At Building Entire Sales Funnels
  • No CRM, Email Marketing, Or Payment Processing Services
  • Not As Many Features 

Optimizepress is a self-hosted solution for anyone who's running WordPress.

It's easy to create beautiful landing pages from dozens of professionally-designed templates - opt in pages, webinar pages, home pages, blog pages, and more. 

One of the strong points of optimizepress is that it's a one time fee - $97 for a single domain. That means no recurring payments.  


  • Self Hosted (Higher Security, 100% Control)
  • WordPress plugin (Many people already have WP)
  • One Time Fee ($97) (No Recurring Payments)
  • Great Membership Site Builder


  • Self Hosted (Not Ideal For Very High Traffic)
  • Not good at building entire sales funnels
  • No payment processing, email marketing, etc.

Builderall is a close competitor to Clickfunnels in that it tries to tackle many of the features that modern digital marketers and online businesses need. 

Unlike the other services mentioned so far, Builderall can build full sales funnels, complete with payment processing, unlimited cloud based web hosting, and a full suite of professionally designed landing pages and website templates.

Builderall Is All About The TOOLS

The big thing that sets Builderall apart from the others on this list?

Builderall comes with a list of over 20 additional marketing tools included in the basic plan...

Some of the tools included in the Builderall standard (Digital Marketing) plan:

Where Builderall Really Shines: The Price

Probably the reason that Builderall turns the most heads as a legitimate competitor to Clickfunnels is because it offers most of the same features that Clickfunnels does (plus all of the aforementioned dozens of bonus apps and tools)...

For about a THIRD of the Price of Clickfunnels

This makes Builderall a very compelling choice for a lot of people as an alternative. 

Their plans start at just $9 (for one domain, and a limited selection of tools) or $29.99/mo for the standard plan (almost all tools included plus unlimited domains and email marketing) or $49.99/month for the Builderall Business plan (unlimited everything). 


  • Pricing
    • Basic Plan $9/month (1 domain, unlimited bandwidth & funnels, not all tools included)
    • Standard Plan - $29/month (unlimited everything, email marketing, almost all tools)
    • Business Plan - $49/month (unlimited everything, all apps, email marketing)
  • Very Fast Hosting & Loading Speed
  • Full Sales Funnel Building Software
  • Unlimited Hosting, Landing Pages and Funnels For an Affordable Price
  • Includes dozens of Additional Apps & Tools, Including Unlimited Email Marketing
  • Really Amazing Affiliate Program
  • Beautiful Landing Pages From Professionally Designed Templates
  • Hosted Solution


  • Many people find the learning curve for Builderall to be longer than Clickfunnels
  • The effectiveness of their email marketing platform is debated
  • Not as widely adapted as Clickfunnels in the U.S. 

Ontraport is an elegant solution for business automation. If there's one thing that they specialize in, it's automation. They focus on being a one-stop-solution for your entire business, no matter how large the organization. 

They are built on the backbone of an email autoresponder and automation software, so their strong suit is definitely coming from Email, but now they've built out their infrastructure so much that they are also part CRM, Part payment processor, part e-commerce platform, part data and analytics software, part landing page builder and web design suite, and part lead generation engine. 

In short, Ontraport is a great solution for bigger businesses. Clickfunnels may be a better solution for small to medium sized businesses.

Ontraport's Main Features

  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Landing Pages
  • CRm
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Business Process Automation
  • Membership Sites
  • Referral Programs


  • Almost unmatched automation , followup and tagging capabilities
  • One platform for everything - perfect for larger and scaling businesses


  • Can be an overwhelming amount of options for small to medium sized businesses
  • Not as good as Clickfunnels at building sales funnels
  • One platform can come with limitations

Ontraport has pricing at $79, $147, $297 and $497 per month depending on the number of contacts that you have in their system. 

Samcart bills itself as "The first full-featured eCommerce software built exclusively for sellers with one main product." - which is exactly what it does, really really well. 

They specialize in allowing you to sell your product quickly, effectively, and professionally in a very short time. 

The specialty of Samcart is the checkout and shopping cart phase of the sales funnel. In other words, while most software on this list specializes in what happens to get someone to the order page...samcart specailizes in what happens on and after the order page. 

They help set up effective and high converting upsells, downlsells, and, cross sells...Plus, offer an affiliate program center to allow other people to promote your products

And most of all, they integrate beautifully with payment processors to make the checkout process as seamless as possible. 

thrive themes vs clickfunnels

I love thrive themes. In fact, this entire website is built with thrive themes. It's a perfect solution for building SEO focused websites. It's a drag and drop visual editor for wordpress, and it has more features than I've seen with any other similar solution. 

Thrive themes helps build beautiful blogs, web pages, and actually has a suite of professionally designed landing pages that are very impressive as well. 

Like many of the clickfunnels alternatives listed on this page, while thrives shines at creating wordpress content that looks great, and helps with dozens of marketing and sales features as well, like having built in lead capture plugins, split testing tools, countdown timers, and full sales page and opt in page templates, it still doesn't really perfect the art of building sales funnels the way that clickfunnels does. 

Also, it does not try to provide any of the other hosted services for business like email marketing. 


  • Built for bloggers, it really adds dozens of amazing features to your blog building tools
  • Simple, Powerful and feature-packed wordpress visual editor builds amazing blogs and landing pages
  • WordPress plugin, so it works on top of your existing wordpress site
  • Built in landing page templates and builder
  • Marketing plugins - headline optimizer, lead capture, quiz builder, and more


  • Not built for e-commerce
  • Not as focused on building sales funnels
  • Only works with wordpress
  • Must have self-hosted wordpress  site, so you are responsible for loading speed, hosting costs, privacy, etc.
  • No additional tools like email marketing or shopping cart / payment integrations


  • Not built for e-commerce
  • Not as focused on building sales funnels
  • Only works with wordpress
  • Must have self-hosted wordpress  site, so you are responsible for loading speed, hosting costs, privacy, etc.
  • No additional tools like email marketing or shopping cart / payment integrations
instapage v clickfunnels

Instapage is a drag and drop landing page and website builder, muchlike many of the clickfunnels alternative softwares on this page. They boast a unique post-click experience for users, and focus on a more enterprise type of client and appeal.

One of the unique features offered by Instapage is their A/B split testing and heatmap software, which helps you to optimize and improve your metrics, leads, sales, etc. 

This is why their main selling point is: "Increase Your Post-Click Conversions Today"


  • Fast, Simple to use and powerful landing page editor
  • Build entire sales funnels on the platform
  • Fast, cloud hosted service for fast loading times and higher conversion
  • Unique A/B split testing and heat map tool for improving conversions


  • Not built for ecommerce - checkout and cart support is minimal
  • Lacking most of the features that Clickfunnels provides

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC. 

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