Clickfunnels Ebook Funnel

Clickfunnels Ebook Funnel

ClickFunnels allows you to create dynamic sales funnels that help you promote, sell, and deliver your online products via various web pages. It streamlines the promotion and delivery of online products with different funnel choices designed for a specific industry, product, or services. The system consists of a sales funnel, a sales page, a product funnel, and a sales page retargeting. The sales funnel and the sales page are what capture your prospect’s attention, and the sales funnel and retargeting are what pull them back to your website. This article will discuss how ClickFunnels helps you maximize the potential for your website.


ClickFunnels is a conversion rate optimizer that allows you to convert prospects into customers through highly interactive marketing campaigns and landing pages. You can also track which marketing campaigns and landing pages are working for you. The sales funnel in particular is created to guide you through the process of converting prospects into buyers and then into loyal repeat customers. This is a great way to ensure that you are making the most of every opportunity to increase your customer base and market to a larger audience.


Sales funnel builder is a dynamic tool that helps you market and sell online products using different funnel options tailored to your business type. ClickFunnels makes it easy to market products online and also creates interactive websites using clickable links, audio, and video. This allows you to get more from your website and convert more people into paying clients.


This tool is a drag-and-drop web page builder. It offers two main features which will help you to quickly and easily create professional looking web pages with just the click of a button. First, there is the “Add to Cart” button. This allows you to add any additional products that you wish to sell. You can also click the “Remove From Cart” button to remove items that you do not want to sell. The web page builder is very simple to use. All you have to do is log in, select the items that you wish to sell, then drag and drop them into the appropriate place.


ClickFunnels allows you to choose from a variety of templates that are tailored for your business. This will allow you to pick the look that suits you best and set up your account with the easiest interface. The interface is easy to use once you log in. It is broken down into sections for each product type. For example, you have the “Shop”, “Digital Products”, “Books & Supplies”, “Cards & Coupons”, “Fantastico”, “Inquirer” and many other sections to choose from. These sections will make setting up and using your ClickFunnels store as easy as possible.


ClickFunnels provides a great tracking tool. This tool is so easy to use, there are no web pages required for traffic generation. You have the option to import leads from social media sources and to export them to your website for analysis. With ClickFunnels, you have the option to import email addresses from all over the internet, as well as people who are searching for your digital products through Google or Yahoo’s search engine. This tracking tool will help you get more from your online business.


In addition to this, using this system gets your marketing campaign underway. An instant sales page will be created and will be available to everyone. It will enable you to promote new products to potential customers as well as build up your list of leads. You can also send emails to potential buyers about any product you are promoting. These features will allow you to grow your company.


ClickFunnels’ greatest feature is its ability to give customers one-click access directly to their sales page with all the information they need. This can be one of the most powerful tools around for increasing your business. If you are interested in expanding your business and increasing your profits, consider making the switch to this powerful online marketing tool. You don’t have to start a campaign blindly and hope for the best. Order form development, sales page building and lead capture are all integrated into this single platform.

Clickfunnels Ebook Funnel – Free Funnels, Tutorials, Case Studies

Looking to build a funnel for your ebook or information product on Clickfunnels?

Look no further. 

On this page, I hope to help you by giving you everything you need to promote or sell your ebook online with Clickfunnels - from templates and share funnels, to demonstrations and tutorials. 


Check out the example funnels and video tutorials below to see some of the best uses of Clickfunnels for promoting and selling ebooks and information products...

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC. 

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The Clickfunnels Info Product Case Study

The first resources you should take advantage is the Official Info Product Case Study from Clickfunnels, created by blogger and fitness expert Natalie Hodson

It's totally free, and it shows you the best strategies from the Clickfunnels team on how to leverage the platform to grow your agency, using Natalie's business as an example, where she turned her simple mommy blog into a multi million dollar business using Clickfunnels.. 

Download the Case Study (Free)

clickfunnels info product case study natalie hodson

How To Deliver PDF or Ebook In Clickfunnels Tutorial

Check out this great tutorial on how to set up delivery for your ebook or pdf in clickfunnels from the Nick Ursu Channel

Clickfunnels Ebook Funnels & Templates

Funnels For Giving Away Ebooks

If you want to give away your ebook as a lead magnet to build your email list, then you'll want to use the Lead Magnet funnel below.

An ebook can be a great way to build your email list, by giving away value up front and offering something that people will want in exchange for giving you their email address or contact information. 

Squeeze Page Funnel (by Clickfunnels)

funnel hacker cookbook squeeze page funnel

From The Funnel Hacker's Cookbook: by Russel Brunson:

This is a squeeze page. The only goal of a squeeze page is to get somebody to give you their email address.

These pages have very few other distractions. Often times, I won’t even put a logo on the page or any complicated footers or extra links.

The #1 secret I found to get the highest conversion rate on a squeeze page is to use a curiosity-based headline.

Then they have to put in their email address and click “submit” to figure out the answer to the question. 

The better the curiosity, the more likely they are to give you their email address.

When I use a squeeze page, I’m usually going after a new audience so I don’t use a lot of branding. 

I’m focusing on curiosity to get them to opt-in.

Then, on the next pages in the funnel is when I’ll start introducing my branding, videos, etc.

- by Russel Brunson, The Funnel Hackers Cookbook

Lead Magnet Funnel (by Clickfunnels)

funnel hacker cookbook lead magnet funnel

From The Funnel Hacker's Cookbook: by Russel Brunson:

A lead magnet funnel is similar to the other optin funnels, except you are actually giving away something in exchange for their email address.

It may be a report or video, but it’s typically something tangible that they are exchanging for their email address.

- by Russel Brunson, The Funnel Hackers Cookbook

Hot Affiliate Niches PDF (by The Nomad Brad)

A while back, I developed my own funnel for giving away an ebook to build my list in the affiliate marketing niche. 

I've actually improved it since creating the video you see below, I think it's gotten even cleaner and nicer. 

The second page I borrowed from an example that was shown in the Lead Funnels book from a very successful optin funnel. 

Step 1: 

the nomad brad affiliate niches pdf step 1

I borrowed the layout of the first page from Stephen Larson, and I just think it's beautiful. It's simple, clean, and effective. 

Step 2: 

the nomad brad affiliate niches pdf step 2

The second step is also simple, and clean. 

It offers a chance to download the ebook, and then it has a simple bridge page link to another offer at the bottom. 

This could be a link to an affiliate offer, another sales funnel, or any other product in your library. 

Funnels For Selling Ebooks

If you plan on selling your ebook as an info product, then you'll want to pay attention the examples, case studies and funnels included below. 

2-Step Tripwire Funnel (by Clickfunnels)

funnel hacker cookbook 2 step tripwire

From The Funnel Hacker's Cookbook: by Russel Brunson:

A Tripwire is a low ticket front end product that is so irresistible people have to purchase it.

After they put in their credit card, you can then upsell them your more expensive products through Order Form Bumps and One Click Upsells or Downsells. 

The ‘Two-Step’ gets its name from the Two-Step Order Form used on the first page of this funnel-type.

During Step One, a potential customer is asked for and submits their contact information. During Step Two, the potential customer selects their product and enters their credit card information.

The real power of the two-step comes from the ability to follow-up with a potential customer if they didn’t complete Step Two. Upsells and Downsells follow the first page to increase the Average Cart Value.

Typically, the goal of this funnel is to break even on ad-spend, then ascend paying customers to higher-ticket offers on the Thank You Page.

- by Russel Brunson, The Funnel Hackers Cookbook

How To Create An Info Product Funnel

In this video tutorial, Russel Brunson and Jim Edwards demonstrate how to build an Info Product Sales funnel using Clickfunnels. 

Both of them have generated many millions of dollars in dozens of various industries by selling information products - ebooks, training courses, dvds, and books. 

What Clickfunnels is And How It Works

Take a look at this great video from Spencer Mecham from Buildapreneur, marketing expert and the current #1 Affiliate For Clickfunnels of all time

In this video, Spencer gives a great description of what Clickfunnels is and what it can do for you. 

If you want to learn more about how Spencer used Affiliate Marketing to quit his 9 to 5 job and earn a passive income, 

Check out his FREE Affiliate Training Webinar Here

Ready to start your FREE trial of Clickfunnels? Click Here!

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Clickfunnels - The Overview

Clickfunnels is an excellent tool for starting any business online, in my opinion. 

It specializes in two things: help you collect leads (grow an email list) and helping you efficiently, quickly and effectively building sales funnels. 

A sales funnel is a specific sequence of sales pages, offers, and products that if done correctly, will produce more revenue than simply sending to a straight sales page. 

Clickfunnels has built a name for itself as the leader of the category of sales page builder, and perhaps also even as a landing page builder or even web page builder. 

Clickfunnels Training

Clickfunnels offers a multitude of training options. 

One thing that makes them special as a company, is that not only are they a software company (Earning $100 million per year in revenue at this point)...

But they're also one of the premier marketing training companies out there. 

Clickfunnels Books

clickfunnels book collection

Russel Brunson and the rest of the CF company have published a number of books that have gone on to become best sellers and some of the most read books in the marketing and business world.

Teaching on every topic from general marketing and sales principles (Expert Secrets) to the core foundations of sales funnels, traffic, and online entrepreneurship (Dotcom Secrets) or even Copywriting (Copywriting Secrets).

For a full list of the best books published by Clickfunnels, go Here

Clickfunnels Training Courses

In addition to the books mentioned above, Clickfunnels is a double threat as a company because they not only create software that generates over $100 million per year in revenue, 

But they also have some of the best marketing and sales training courses available. 

The One Funnel Away Challenge
one funnel away 30 days book

Probably the most famous training course put out by the CF crew is the One Funnel Away Challenge. 

In my personal opinion, it's the single best training out there for teaching someone how to start from zero and build a profitable online business from scratch. 

The claim is that you can do it in 30 days. I doubt that's applicable to everyone, but for some I definitely think it's possible. 

The brilliance of the OFA challenge is that you get training about everything you need to start an online business - traffic generation, content marketing, product building, and of course - sales funnels. 

How One Funnel Away Works

The trick is, instead of delivering all of the content to you at once, it's dripped out one lesson per day over a 30 day period.

In my opinion, this helps you to consume and apply the information in the course because you're only asked to focus on one task, one concept and one mission per day.

It breaks down all the complicated pieces of starting a business into small bite-sized chunks. 

One Funnel Away Coaching

Plus, it comes with a daily coaching session from Stephen Larson, who was the top funnel builder for the company and now has branched off to create his own brand and business. 

He's a great teacher, and he helps you to fill in the gaps between lessons from Russel Brunson himself. 

One Funnel Away Honest Review

I took the course a while ago, and I learned some amazing tips that I hadn't really picked up from being in the online marketing business for almost 10 years now. 

You can check out my review of the One Funnel Away Challenge below:

Other Clickfunnels Training Courses

Clickfunnels Alternatives

Though some of the alternatives to clickfunnels can beat it in certain functionality, for the most part it's one of the best all around marketing tools available today for marketers and sales organizations.

For my breakdowns of each of the alternatives, check out these articles:

Free Clickfunnels Training Course

Want more Clickfunnels training?

clickfunnels course the nomad brad sales funnel legend

I've put together a mini course teaching you the tips and tricks I've learned about building sales funnels, and using Clickfunnels that have helped me generate over 6 figures with my online businesses over the past few years. 

I've called the training "Sales Funnel Legend" and my goal is to help you go from beginner or novice to an absolute LEGEND when it comes to using Clickfunnels in your business. 

PLUS I give away tons of BONUSES and FREE Funnel Templates Inside

Get Free Access To The Sales Funnel Legend Course HERE

Clickfunnels Demo: How To Build Your First Clickfunnels (In 15 Minutes)

In this video I walk you through how to build your first Clickfunnel in 15 minutes or less, step by step. 

Clickfunnels F.A.Q.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC. 

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