Make Money On Clickbank With Bing Ads (2019)

Make Money On Clickbank With Bing Ads (2019)

bing ads clickbank case study

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1. Start With Choosing A Good Product

At the end of the day, the most important factor to successfully profiting from a bing ads campaign promoting clickbank offers comes down to the offer.

If you have a great offer, you will look like a marketing genius, and make tons of sales.

If, however, you pick a LAME offer…then you’ll be stuck being frustrated, contemplating your miserable shortcomings as a marketer, and as a human being.

But fear not!

For there IS in fact a science to choosing a good clickbank offer to promote on bing…

And there are several factors.

bing ads clickbank case study

First, you should understand how to find a good offer on clickbank

This video should help:

Join The Bing Ads Bootcamp 2.0 Training Course

Second, you can use advanced tools to track clickbank product performance

For example, the site has tons of resources for going deeper with research on finding the best clickbank product for you to promote.

cbengine stats 1 helps you choose the right products to promote by giving you lots of stats about which products are performing best at any given time

CBengine has a bunch of handy tools:

Sort Clickbank Products By Top Gravity

Sort Clickbank Products By “Best Gains”

Find Clickbank Products With Recurring Commissions

And a bunch of great stats.

None of these stats guarantee that you’re going to make sales or be successful, but the more time you spend with them the more likely you’re going to be able to put the puzzle pieces together and start making sales.

If you’re more of a graph/chart person, then check out CBGraph

When you’ve finished pouring through the stats & numbers…

Write down a list of 5-10 products you’d most like to promote

Hint: It can be helpful to promote products that are in a niche you actually enjoy or are interested in, because just by being IN the niche you already know how to speak to the kind of people who would be interested in buying it. 

However, this isn’t necessary. Plenty of people have gotten rich promoting products they don’t know or care anything about.

The choice is up to you.

bing ads clickbank case study

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Q: Is It Safe To Use Clickbank?

Having worked for their #1 vendor for several years…I can definitively say that yes, it’s safe to use clickbank.

It’s a legitimate company that does tens of millions of dollars of transactions every year with customers all over the world.

They work hard on their security and their payment processing.

Read their full security policy here

Q: What Is Clickbank And How Does It Work?

In short, Clickbank is a marketplace for digital products.

But it’s best known for being a marketplace for affiliate products.

You can basically sign up for a clickbank account, promote the products that they have listed in their marketplace, and get paid a commission.

They handle all the customer support and payment processing, you simply get a check. For more check out this post.

Q: Is Clickbank Free To Use?

If you’re selling affiliate products, then yes. You don’t have to pay any fees to sign up and start making commissions.

If you are a product VENDOR it requires a one time$49.95 fee and you pay clickbank a percentage of every transaction that you make from then on, so it’s not actually free.

You pay a percentage to clickbank for them handling the payment processing, click tracking and affiliate management.

I think it’s a mighty fair deal.

Q: How Do I Become A Clickbank Affiliate?

It’s simple, and free to sign up as an affiliate. Just click here and fill out your details. 

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