Microsoft Ads Tokens – Full List

This is a quick reference for the current list of accepted Bing Ads (Now Microsoft Ads) Tracking Tokens. 

Tracking Tokens are also referred to as tracking parameters, and are simple strings of text that can be added to the end of your tracking links, to pass important information about your clicks from bing ads to your click tracker. 

(Note: If instead you're looking for Bing Ads Developer Tokens or to use the Microsoft Ads API, go here. )

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Bing Ads Tracking Token List

(Last Update: 1/19/2020)

Token / Parameter



The ID of the campaign that triggered the ad.


The name of the campaign that triggered the ad.


The ID of the ad group that triggered the ad.


The name of the ad group that triggered the ad.


The ID of the keyword ("kwd"), remarketing or audience list ("aud"), dynamic ad target ("dat"), product partition ("pla"), or targeted location ID ("loc") that triggered the ad.


The match type used to deliver an ad.

  • e=exact
  • p=phrase
  • b=broad
  • b=expanded (Expanded match is treated as a broad match.)
  • {BidMatchType}

    The keyword bid match type. This can be different than {MatchType}.

    For example, if you bid on a broad match and the search term was an exact match.


    The ad network type on which the ad was served.

    • o = owned and operated (Bing, AOL, and Yahoo search results)
    • s = syndicated (search partner site results)
    • a = audience (Microsoft Audience Network placements)


    One of the following codes depending on where the click came from:

  • m=mobile device
  • t=tablet device
  • c=desktop or laptop computer
  • {IfMobile:string}

    The string text (that you define) to the right of the colon if the ad is displayed on a mobile device.


    The string text (that you define) to the right of the colon if the ad is displayed on a desktop, laptop, or tablet device.


    The string text (that you define) to the right of the colon if the ad is displayed on the search network.


    The string text (that you define) to the right of the colon will be substituted into the URL if the ad is displayed as a Microsoft Audience Ad.


    The string text (that you define) to the right of the colon will be substituted into the URL if the ad is displayed as a product ad.


    The numeric ID of the displayed ad.


    Substitutes the keyword that matched the user's search term. Spaces in the keyword will each be substituted with "%20" to ensure the URL is valid.


    A unique ClickID for the clicks on the ad.


    The numeric ID for the keyword that triggered the display of your ad.


    The search query text that the user entered.


    The ID of the ad extension that was clicked.


    The geographical location code of the physical location of the click.

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    Recommended Tracking Tokens

    For most people running ads on bing ads, I recommend starting out with the following tracking tokens (parameters):


    Querystring is a great token to give you not just the keyword that was searched, but the actual search phrase that was actually typed into the search box. 

    I think this is the most valuable token. 


    Matchtype shows you which match type generated the click. The options are:

    b for broad match
    e for exact match
    p for phrase match


    Pretty straight forward, this token returns which device type the click was generated on. The options are:

    m - Mobile device
    c - Computer (Desktop)
    t - Tablet


    The network token tells you if the click came from the Bing Ads owned & operated network (including ads on,, and

    Or if the click came from the Syndicated partners network (including thousands of different partners across the web). 

    I've found that these 2 networks perform VERY differently, and so should be tracked and sepearted. 

    o - owned & operated (Bing, AOL, Yahoo, MSN)
    s - syndicated network


    Finally, the AdID simply returns the unique ID of the specific ad that generated the click. 

    If you're running tons of ads, it can be good to know exactly the ad that generated  lead or sale. 

    At the end of adding the tokens all together, this is what it should look like at the end of your tracking URL with a service like Clickmagick:


    Or /{QueryString}/{MatchType}/{Device}/{Network}/{AdID}

    Bing Ads For Affiliate Marketing

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    Below are a few tutorials to help you getting started doing affiliate marketing with Bing Ads if you're interested. 

    Bing Ads Clickbank Tutorial

    Bing Ads Max Bounty Direct Linking Tutorial

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