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While both Grammarly and QuillBot are good at proofreading, they have some major differences. For example, Grammarly does not perform SEO, while QuillBot does. Both tools are powerful and easy to use, and both offer phone support. The biggest advantage of Grammarly is that it can provide support via phone, while the latter offers live chat support. But, if you want to save time, you should go with QuillBot.

The interface of QuillBot is simple and intuitive, and you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to use it. The software does not require any installation or system requirements. It supports extensions for many popular software such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word. It also has a summary and an API that make it easy to use. QuillBot has won many awards despite its limitations. It is a paid service and requires a monthly subscription.

There are seven writing modes in QuillBot, and each mode has a different goal for your text. The free version supports three of them. These modes focus on various aspects of writing, from spelling to grammar. The default mode is Paraphrase, which focuses on making sentences sound natural. You can choose a specific mode that focuses on improving your sentence structure, or switch to a different mode that rewrites your text to be more fluent.

While QuillBot has its limitations, it is an excellent choice for plagiarism-checking purposes. Its advanced AI technologies can help you rephrase any piece of content. Premium users have access to the API and can integrate QuillBot’s functionality in their applications. QuillBot also has a free version, but it comes with limitations. The premium version allows for home page editing without ads, but it does not have performance features.

QuillBot’s developer API is another great feature. You can use it to integrate the service into your website or application. You can even write in a different language, such as English. You can test the various modes with the free version QuillBot. Besides, you can even choose a style that suits your preferences. This program is a great alternative to QuillBot.

Quillbot’s formal mode is another feature that makes it so useful. These modes allow you to modify your text to suit a more formal audience. They shorten the content without changing the meaning. Quillbot can paraphrase your text if you need to make a speech, or create a document that sounds more formal. It can also be used to create an outline of your text. Quillbot can also help you create articles with more complex sentences.

Although Quillbot performs as an all-in-one writing tool, it is not entirely perfect. It lacks key features such as bulk rewriting, copyscape integration, image & video fetching and API integrations. There are other features, though, that you might find more useful. If you need to rephrase your article quickly, you might want to use the creative+ mode. This mode is all about creativity. The Fluency Mode, on the other hand, uses artificial intelligence to create fluent articles.

The formal mode of the Quillbot uses synonyms to improve your texts. It is an article spinner, and uses Convolutional Neural Network and ENL to rewrite your text. It can also add or remove words. This is especially useful if you want to make a document look professional. But, it can also help you get your point across in an informal setting. The robot can be used to help you write articles.

The paraphrasing tool is an essential part of the Quillbot’s features. It has a highly customizable interface and is easy to use. To improve the content’s clarity, you can replace certain words in the input text by synonyms. You can also fix grammatical mistakes. If you need to paraphrase, it can help you with both tasks. This tool can be used by journalists to create articles for their websites.

You can use Quillbot as a paraphraser. It can paraphrase a single word or an entire article. The program will rewrite content while maintaining the original meaning. It can improve the quality and accuracy of its paraphrases thanks to its machine learning capabilities. It is an excellent choice for educational institutions, businesses, and individuals. The built-in thesaurus allows you to modify individual words and phrases to make new ones.