Russel Brunson: How To Create A Mastermind Group: My Step By Step Blueprint

In this video, Russel Brunson shares his best secrets for creating a Mastermind Group to help you grow in your business and life success.

In it, he breaks down his rules for creating a successful and thriving mastermind:

Russel’s Rules For A Successful Mastermind (Summary)

  1. Application Process – decide who you want to be in the group and create a process for them to apply
  2. Protect Your Group – protect your “family” and be willing to kick people out who are not contributing properly
  3. Cap The Number of Members

Other Topics Covered:

He also covers where to have your mastermind

  • How to set it up
  • How to get people to participate and interact
  • What you should give to your mastermind group
  • How to keep the energy high
  • Some more tips and tricks, watch the video below for more
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