Russel Brunson – Make $100 A Day Online Fast – A REAL Passive Income Strategy

Russel Brunson just posted a new video on HIS strategy for making $100/Day, because he said that he watched a lot of other videos out there…

And well, he basically said they sucked. If you want to see Russel’s simple plan to making $100/day in passive affiliate commission, check out the video below:

Get The 30 Day Challenge Mentioned In The Video

So What Is Russel’s 30 Day Plan For Making $100/Day?

Well, it involves promoting Clickfunnels as an affiliate. No surprise there.

Specifically, promoting his “30 Day Challenge” which offers people an opportunity to watch interviews with expert business people on what they would do if they had to start over from scratch…

Each expert shares what their first 30 days would look like.

This is pretty awesome for beginners to hear what seasoned pros would do if they had to start all over.

How Do You Make Money Promoting The 30 Day Challenge?

The 30 day challenge is free to give away…so it’s up to you to find or create traffic to send to your offer.

Next, Russel suggests in the video that you create a Bridge Page to promote the 30 day challenge, and specifically, to create a bonus to offer anyone who ends up watching the challenge and signing up for the offer made at the end…

Download The Bridge Page In The Video For Free Here

Which is called the One Funnel Away program. It’s a program designed to help anyone create a profitable sales funnel from scratch within 30 days.

one funnel away 30 days bridge

To See MY Bonus Offer If You Join The One Funnel Away Challenge, Click Here

The OFA challenge is pretty awesome to promote, because literally anyone can use it…whether they’re a complete beginner, or a seasoned marketing and business pro.

Plus, it pays out a very solid $100 commission for every person that you refer.

Pretty awesome!

So How Can You Get Started?

Step 1: Watch The Video Above to get the overall strategy

Step 2: Download The Share Funnel

Step 3: Come up with some bonuses to offer when someone signs up for the OFA challenge with you (if you’re starting out, personal help and guidance is a great place to start – a facebook group for support is also a great method) – If you want help with this, just contact me I’d be happy to offer you some suggestions.

Step 4: Get Traffic – If you want to know my 3 favorite strategies for generating FREE traffic, check out this video:

Step 5: Send People To Your 30 Day Challenge Bridge Page

That is, in a nutshell, Russel’s strategy for making $100/day – if you can sell one copy of the One Funnel Away challenge per day, then you’re at the goal.

Have any questions? Ideas to add on how to promote this offer?

Leave them in the comments below!

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