Russel Brunson – Watch Us Create An ENTIRE Sales Funnel In Less Than 30 Minutes

In this video Russel Brunson shows how to create an entire VSL (Video Sales Letter) funnel in less than 30 minutes, and even better…you can download the funnel for free!

In this video, they use a product called “The Human Charger” as an example and they use it to build a VSL funnel (Video Sales Letter).

Watch the video below to learn how to build it, and look for the link to download the Human Charger VSL Share Funnel below

Watch On Youtube

Download Russel’s Human Charger VSL Share Funnel (Free)

This video is a part of the Clickfunnels “Funnel Fridays” where they show off a new funnel every week.

For the full list of Funnel Friday Funnels (which you can download for free), check out my list here

Download The Entire List Of Funnel Fridays Share Funnels Here

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