Clickfunnels For Coaching – The Ultimate Guide

Wondering how to use Clickfunnels to build and grow your Coaching Business?  On this page, I hope to clear up any mystery and help you see a clear path to growing your coaching business with Clickfunnels.  Whether you’re building a funnel to sell your new book, using lead capture pages to build your email list, or using … Read more

Clickfunnels Competitors – The Ultimate Guide (2020)

clickfunnels competitors

If you’ve been in the online business and marketing space for the past few years, you’ve probably heard about Clickfunnels. It’s kind of taken the marketing and online business world by storm.Why? Because it essentially lets you run your entire business from one place.It is an ambitious software – it helps you build web pages, build … Read more

Clickfunnels – How To Delete A Funnel (Quick, Easy Tutorial)

If you’re using clickfunnels and want to know how to delete your current funnel, it’s pretty simple but sometimes it’s hard to find the option you need. In Clickfunnels, you don’t actually delete funnels, but instead you archive the funnels. Which is essentially the same. They get saved forever, but don’t count towards your funnel … Read more

Clickfunnels – How To Add Favicon (Quick, Easy Tutorial)

A favicon is a little logo that displays up in the top left corner of a tab to help people identify your website quickly. If you’re hosting your website on clickfunnels, you can easily change your favicon by following the process outlined below. You can also read the instructions on the Clickfunnels help page here

Clickfunnels – How To Undo (New Feature!)

One of the most frustrating things about the Clickfunnels editor in the past few years was the lack of a simple “undo” feature. But recently, they remedied this! You can find a brand new “undo” button at the top of the editor. Whenever you make a change, you can just click that button to undo … Read more

Clickfunnels – How To Add Your Domain (Quick, Easy Tutorial)

Adding your domain to clickfunnels can be kind of tricky, but it’s essential to transitioning your website or business over to Clickfunnels. Learn how to do it quickly below. You can find a simple tutorial on how to add your custom domain to clickfunnels in the video below. You can also read the instructions on … Read more

Clickfunnels – How To Add A Checkbox (Quick, Easy Tutorial)

If you’re selling certain products (especially products that have an ongoing payment, or a “continuity” then you are required to have a checkbox on your order page to make sure that people know exactly what they’re agreeing to. You can find a simple tutorial on how to add a checkbox element in the video below. … Read more