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How To Direct Link Clickbank Offers In Bing Ads

If you want to know how to properly direct link clickbank offers with Bing Ads, check out this video. You’ll find a step by step process for setting up your campaigns with clickmagick, so that you can get full keyword tracking and more.   [thrive_link color=’green’ link=’https://clickmagick.com/go/ozzy19′ target=’_self’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]Get Clickmagick Here (Free Trial)[/thrive_link]

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Clickmagick – How Does It Make Your More Money?

How does clickmagick make you more money? If you’ve been in the online marketing game for any amount of time, you’ve probably realized one overwhelmingly obvious fact: Data Is Everything. How do you know the difference between a “good” ad and a “bad” ad? Is it how “pretty” it is? Is it how it makes…

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How To Track Clickbank Sales With Bing Ads

Tracking clickbank sales on Bing Ads can be tricky. The #1 reason is, that vendors don’t allow you to easily place bing universal tracking code on their thank you pages. This creates a headache for affiliate marketers, especially newbies who want to know how to sell clickbank products on bing. So what’s the solution? You…

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Clickmagick Tracking Guide Download

Clickmagick is my favorite tracking tool, especially for affiliate marketing. They’re actually incredibly advanced and I’ve barely cracked into the functionality that it’s capable of, but they make tracking so simple that it’s deceiving. They are masters at tracking, and cater specifically to affiliates. They created an amazing tracking guide that covers everything you’ll ever…