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How To Track Clickbank Sales With Bing Ads

Tracking clickbank sales on Bing Ads can be tricky. The #1 reason is, that vendors don’t allow you to easily place bing universal tracking code on their thank you pages.

This creates a headache for affiliate marketers, especially newbies who want to know how to sell clickbank products on bing.

So what’s the solution?

You Need A Tracking Software To Go “In Between” Bing Ads and Clickbank

Something that tracks the click from bing, and then knows exactly which keywords, ads, landing pages, etc. triggered that sale in Clickbank.

This can be kind of tricky, unless…

You discover the “magic” of Clickmagick 😀

Clickmagick allows you to know exactly which keywords, ads, and landing pages are converting into sales on clickbank, and which ones are duds.

This is a complete competitive advantage, and absolutely necessary for success promoting affiliate products on any platform, but especially Clickbank.

Check out my video for more below:


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