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Best Free Keyword Mixing Tools (2018)

If you’re doing PPC or SEM marketing, you probably know what a keyword mixing tool is. If you don’t, then you should!

Here’s my top list of free keyword mixing tools (also called keyword wrappers, keyword generators, or keyword combiners – they’re all the same) :

1. Keyword Mixer Tool (By Search Bloom)

Check out Search Bloom’s keyword mixer tool here

This one just popped up on the first google search position, and from the looks of it, I like it. It looks very simple, fast & easy.

Looks like Search Bloom is a ppc and seo management service, so I think it’s a really great idea to use a free keyword mixer as a lead gen/traffic source. It’s a nice simple tool that probably takes an hour to code and probably gets lots of traffic to your site. Well done, search bloom!

2. Merge Words

Use Merge Words here

And hey, it looks like it’s just made by someone out of the kindness of their own heart. Do them a favor by sharing or liking it on social media! I don’t even see any ads…

3. Adwords Keyword Generator (by Data Inside)

This tool is a little more streamlined and made for PPC specifically (Adwords, or Bing Ads) so if you’re familiar with the terminology (Broad Match, Phrase Match, etc) then this tool might feel a little more “tuned in” to you and your PPC needs.

Also…if you want to brush up on your german, it looks like Data Inside is a German company. Du kannst Deutsch sprechen, ja!

Check out ‘ze keyword tool here, ja!

4. Keywords Toaster

Definitely wins the naming aware for the list! I love the fun name.

The creator also mentions that it is designed for all sorts of PPC & Seo functions.

keywords toaster ppc tool

Also, it’s available as a chrome app┬áif that tickles your fancy.

Check out the toaster here

5. The Best Free Keyword Mixer Tool

In a strange way, I also love the naming of this tool. Straight to the point, with a little bit of cockiness.

I can’t say that I particularly agree with their claim at being the best.

It certainly ain’t the prettiest! I have used it a lot though, and it does the job.

the best keyword mixer tool

Check it out over here


Have another good one I should add to the list? Comment below!


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