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Software Secrets Book Review (FREE Book + Exclusive Bonuses)

The New Book: “Software Secrets” has been released: Want to Create And Sell Your Own Software or App?

If so, then you definitely need to pick up this free book.

If you’re familiar with Russel Brunson (owner of Clickfunnels) you know that when he writes a book, he swings for the fences.

His newest Software Secrets book is an exciting addition to that collection.

Software Secrets - New Book From Russel Brunson
Software Secrets – New Book From Russel Brunson

He’s already written what has become the definitive guide to marketing and become known as the top marketing teacher out there today, but in the process of building that reputation, he also built one of the biggest and fastest growing marketing companies on the planet, his main company Clickfunnels,

Clickfunnels has exploded in popularity, mostly because it was the first of it’s kind…

Software that actually made it EASY to built web pages, and make marketing funnels!

So it solved a giant, gaping gap in the market, and did so beautifully.

So Russel knows something about building an amazing Software Service (specifically, a SaaS company).

In his newest book, Software Secrets Russel teaches what he’s learned about building a successful software company.

Of course, as always he’s speaking to everyone who aspires to be a software creator…developers, entrepreneurs, coders, and yes of course marketers.

If you’ve ever wanted to build an app, a service or any other type of service that generates passive income through memberships, and has virtually no costs associated with it, you definitely want to check out this book.

How Do I Get A Free Copy Of The Software Secrets Book?

As of right now, you can get the book FREE (Plus An Entire Bonus Webinar Training Course) by signing up from the link below: 

russel brunson software book

Plus, I’m actually going to throw in some free bonuses if you sign up from the links on my page:

Bonus 1: Traffic Secrets (From Digital Nomad Rockstar)

Bonus 2: Email Marketing Secrets (From Digital Nomad Rockstar)

Just grab your free copy of Software Secrets from one of the links on this page, then click on the “Step 2: Claim Your Exclusive Bonuses” button and just quickly send me a copy of your order receipt from Clickfunnels, and I will hook you up with these exclusive bonuses.

[thrive_link color=’blue’ link=’https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfxWtlCjnym8L74C1b6sv6OOdrggGVhEPrYNoitulHtrhZAIw/viewform?usp=sf_link’ target=’_blank’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]Step 2: Claim Your Exclusive Bonuses[/thrive_link]



Can I Get Software Secrets As a PDF?

software secrets pdf

You can get software secrets as a PDF audibook for FREE after you sign up for the Free Software Secrets Webinar Training class.

Step 1: Sign up for the software secrets webinar

Step 2: Click the button to get the software secrets book, pdf ebook, and audiobook for free (just pay $9.95 shipping)


Can I get Software Secrets On Amazon?

No, software secrets isn’t available on Amazon.

While Russel Brunson’s other books Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secrets are available on Amazon, Software Secrets isn’t.

The best way is to grab your free copy along with your ticket to the free webinar training


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