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Long Tail Pro Tutorial

I love long tail pro.
I think it's a perfect blend of advanced keyword research tool...
Plus simple to use interface, and most affordable pricing. 

And I think it does the best job of focusing in on something that's really important not just for seo, but also for ppc keyword research...focusing on the long tail!

I think other tools like semrush and ahrefs can be pretty overwhelming, especially for newbies. There are so many features that unless you're really serious about SEO, you probably don't need most of them. 

PLUS both of those servies can be quite pricey. 

But as a PPC advertiser, I think you really just need the simplicity of longtail pro. 

I first heard about it on the podcast of its original creator, spencer hawes. He built it to cater to building very specific niche seo affiliate sites. 

If you want to dig out some really amazing exact match keywords for google adwords or bing, then I think LTP is a great way to take your keyword research to a new level. 

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