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How To Use The Google Keyword Planner For PPC (2018) Tutorial

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the google keyword planner tool to research keywords, competition, and more. It’s still the best free keyword research tool for ppc, seo, sem, youtube, amazon bing ads and more.

At least if you’re just starting out your research, it shows you the general trends and data you need to get a good feel for your target market, niche, or what you should call your products, blog posts, or youtube videos.

Here’s my step-by-step tutorial for doing keyword research with the google tool on youtube:


(Advanced) Method For Finding Profitable Keywords Over and Over With Google Keyword Planner

Here’s another video detailing the exact over-arching strategy for finding profitable keywords using the google keyword tool, covering the theory, basics and advanced strategies you can use to create amazing ads, perfect ppc campaigns, and rank more terms with seo and youtube.

It’s especially effective for finding low competition keywords to rank for or to create amazing exact match keywords for.

Watch On Youtube

If you like this and want more extensive training, check out our free keyword research training course.

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