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Alex Becker’s Hero Sales Academy Review + Free Trial

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Alex Becker is teaching people how to build online businesses FAST and get profitable in a matter of weeks.

He’s been doing it for years, actually as an SEO teacher at source wave.

By getting really good at SEO and teaching thousands of others to do the same, he amassed a huge net worth at a very young age.

His success led him to also create a service marketplace for SEO related things called Konker and then an email marketing platform called Market Hero

(Btw if you want to see how Market Hero works click here…I’ve been using it for a few months!)

So the guy knows his shit. And when he talks about how to improve your sales & marketing skills and start a business, I shut up and listen.

The Hero Sales Academy is exactly that.



If you implement the strategies in this course, you can literally have a business up and running and getting real paying clients within a couple of days.

I recently signed up for Alex Becker’s Sales Academy , his monthly membership program about how to sell more stuff online.

Alex Becker is really my favorite marketing teacher right now, because he is so amazingly damn good at selling and marketing, and most importantly, he’s constantly staying up to date on all the latest trends.

He’s not just hammering away at the same old course he’s been trying to sell for 10 years…

He’s evolved…

From SEO (Source Wave, Konker) to Email Marketing (Market Hero)…

To Youtube (Video Mastery Academy) and even got on top of the e-commerce/shopify craze by creating the absolute top course teaching people how to make money dropshipping things using shopify…

I’ve bought as many courses as I can, and they have literally triple my income just in the last year.

I started with the youtube academy (because it was the first one I could afford)…

I used Alex’s advice, followed his strategy exactly…

And within a few months, I had a brand new youtube channel that was starting to get a few hundred views…

And then it snowballed (as he said it would in the course) into thousands, and now TENS of thousands of views…

I was able to follow his advice to start an entirely brand new business.

Claim your 14-day free trial of Hero Sales Academy Here


So…What Is Hero Sales Academy?

Basically, hero sales academy is a monthly membership program where alex shares his best strategies for starting from zero and creating your first, and your first extremely successful business.

It focuses heavily on sales throughout the course (hence the name)…

Because sales is so crucial to learning how to make money in any field, and especially in internet marketing.

What’s Covered In The Course?

But, over the course of the weeks of taking the course, you’ll also get LETHAL tactics for:

  • youtube organic marketing
  • writing winning sales page
  • creating opt-ins that work insanely well (I’ve tested this one – really works!)
  • How to never be broke again
  • how to build and scale a membership website
  • how to create your first products
  • how to build and scale your first profitable online income stream
  • how to master email marketing and funnels
  • PLUS for every month you stay a member…you get free bonuses
    • (shirts, books, free educational courses, etc)

All in all, I’m really digging it..

And more than that, it’s changing my financial and business destiny.

I’m applying the tactics because I’ve already gotten incredible results from Becker’s training…

I’m just going to keep applying and keep skyrocketing my success.

Here’s a peek inside the membership…


hero sales academy members area

Claim your 14-day free trial of Hero Sales Academy Here


How much is the hero sales academy membership?

Well, it’s very straight forward…

You can sign up for just $47/month

PLUS he’s also offering a free 14-day trial, and you can cancel any time.

I HIGHLY recommend you pick it up and join the heronation (if you want to be absuredly successful)

[thrive_link color=’green’ link=’https://herotraining.mykajabi.com/a/8950/NdTFvAKh’ target=’_self’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]Start Your Free 14-Day Trial[/thrive_link]

Claim your 14-day free trial of Hero Sales Academy Here

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