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The Ultimate Bing Ads Editor Guide – How To Use It To Dominate PPC (2018)

The Ultimate Guide To Bing Ads Editor

(A.K.A. How To Dominate PPC With This Wicked Cool Tool)

What Is The Bing Ads Editor?

Well, much like the Google Adwords Editor, my favorite traffic source Bing Ads came out with its own super-efficient tool for working with LOTS of campaigns.

It brilliantly takes the work of uploading dozens, hundreds, (or even THOUSANDs) of keywords, ads, campaigns, ad groups…

Whatever you’re doing in Bing Ads…

The BAE makes it a PIECE OF CAKE.

Here’s an official summary video from Bing:

Watch Video On Youtube

Why should you know about Bing Ads Editor?

It can literally save you hundreds of hours of time, especially if you’re working with PPC clients.¬†

I wasted soooooo much time playing around in the Bing Ads web interface before I learned about the editor.

Everything was manual.

I literally had to click “copy” and “paste” each and every time I wanted to create a new ad…

Sometimes, that option didn’t even work…so I literally had to manually input each ad, keyword, ad group, everything!

Such a nightmare.

It actually hurt my income significantly…because I was just too lazy to do all the hard manual work

Plus, one of the MOST effective tactics I teach in my Bing Ads Bootcamp is the “Separate and Dominate” method…

Where you separate your Bing network (Bing, Yahooo, AOL) and Bing Syndicated partners traffic.

This tactic alone can DOUBLE or TRIPLE your revenue…

yet, many times I simply didn’t even bother to do it, because it was too much work!

Then I found the editor, and life was peachy…

And my income grew and grew…

make money with bing ads


How Does The Bing Ads Editor Work (Full Tutorial)?

For a full tutorial on how to use the Bing Ads Editor, check out my video training below:

Watch Full Tutorial On Youtube

Note: This Training is part of my Bing Ads Training Course – “The Bing Ads Bootcamp”

Click to Get The Full Bing Ads Bootcamp

Do You Need Bing Ads Editor?


Well, I personally think that if you’re serious about learning Bing Ads and adding it to your paid traffic repertoire, it’s a definite yes.

You DEFINITELY need the editor if you’re a ppc manger and you have clients.

You DEFINITELY need the editor if you’re already scaling up your campaigns to uploading mutliple ads, ad groups, keywords, etc.

You probably DON’T need it if you’re JUST starting out.

You should focus on the other fundamental elements of getting your Bing campaign working.

Click Here To Get My Free Bing Ads Tutorial that can help you get up to being a serious Bing Ads Badass.

It’s basically a Bing Ads 101 class to get you up and running profitable campaigns.

Where To Download The Bing Ads Editor For Free

1. Download For Windows

Click here to download the Bing Ads Editor For Windows


2. Download For Mac

Click here to download the Bing Ads Editor For Mac



Have you used the bing ads editor?

Do you think it stacks up to the adwords editor?

Anything else you want to know?

Comment below!

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